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AmiCloud Client AmigaOS 3.x (RTG)

AmiCloud is a simple tool which allows you to sync binary files inside a folder on your Harddrive with a 1GB cloud space bounded to your indieGO!-ID. You are free to install it on as many AmigaOS 4 machines you like. All machines will be synched. You can also chose to create public download URL'S for your files and share them via copy and paste with friends. Please make sure not to share illegal contents.. we would be forced to take legal actions. But I believe in Amigans : ) Attention! The current build is still beta and may contain bugs!<br><br>The 68k Version includes a FPU and non-FPU-Version. Both require a RTG (graphic card)<br><br>We tested it on WinUAE so far... it may work on fast 68k, RTG-Amigas... <br>

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